The New Screen Savers with Leo Laporte

Oct 27th 2018

The New Screen Savers 180

Hands-On With the iPhone XR and Google Home Hub

iPhone XR, Google Home Hub, DIY Spotify, Hue-lloween, and more.
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Guests: Megan Morrone
Category: Help & How To

On The New Screen Savers recorded on Saturday, October 27, 2018, with Leo Laporte and Aaron Newcomb:

  • Leo and Aaron discuss the new copyright ruling that protects the right to repair for some gadgets, whether China could spy on President Trump's iPhone, and a piece of art made by AI that sold for $432,500.
  • Leo gives his hands-on first look at iPhone XR and lets you know why it might be the one to pick over the more pricey iPhone XS and XS Max.
  • Aaron and Leo answer some of your questions about Makerspaces, detecting Wi-Fi problems, and making a DIY music streaming server.
  • Leo reviews the new Google Home Hub, which combines the functionality of the Google Assistant, a smart home controller, and a digital picture frame that automatically picks your best and latest photos.
  • If you haven't gotten around to decorating for Halloween, Megan Morrone shows you how instantly creepify your home if you have some Philips Hue smart lights.

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