The New Screen Savers with Leo Laporte

Apr 14th 2018

The New Screen Savers 152

World's First Digital License Plate

Reviver Auto Rplate Pro, Android P Developer Preview, CanJam, and more.
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Category: Help & How To

On The New Screen Savers for Saturday, April 14 with Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton: 

  • Those stamped metal license plates could be a thing of the past if the folks at Reviver Auto have their way. CEO Neville Boston shows us what their new digital plate, the Rplate Pro can do and when they will be coming to your state.  
  • Patrick recently went to CanJam SoCal, a showcase for the newest headphones. He shares his top picks. 
  • In Call For Help, we answer questions about RAID vs. a large SSD, and Thunderbolt 2 vs. USB 3. 
  • Megan Morrone has a roundup review of the G-Track Pro, Meteor Mic, and Go Mic Mobile microphones from Samson Technologies. 
  •  Jason Howell shows us his favorite new features in the Android P Developer Preview. 
  • Plus, we answer more question in the Mail Bag.

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