The New Screen Savers with Leo Laporte

Jan 27th 2018

The New Screen Savers 141

Blockchain Explained

Siri vs Google, Blockchain explained, securing your network
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Category: Help & How To

On this episode of The New Screen Savers for Saturday, January 27, 2018, with Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton:

  • Do you know what Blockchain is, what it can do, and why it's all the rage? We have two experts here to help explain: Eric Cole Ph.D., former Technical Director for the C.I.A., and served on Cybersecurity Commission; and Kevin Quennesson an AI and Blockchain expert, formerly at Twitter's AI group Twitter Cortex.
  • Which is better, Siri or Google Assistant? In our #TWiTSwitch 2018, Megan Morrone and Jason Howell put them to the test in a battle to answer questions!
  • Leo shows us Canary, a device that thwarts attackers on your network.
  • Megan has a review of the Apollo Personal Cloud system. Find out if it is right for you.
  • Are NUC's powerful enough for some heavy hitting programs like AutoCAD and Photoshop? We'll answer this in Call for Help.

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