The New Screen Savers with Leo Laporte

Jun 3rd 2017

The New Screen Savers 107

Star Trek in VR and IRL

Delivery robot Relay, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, real-life tricorder DxtER, and more.
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Category: Help & How To

Leo Laporte and Nathan Olivarez-Giles talk about what the Supreme Court ruling on printer cartridges means for your right to repair stuff. Nathan went down to Aloft Silicon Valley to see a room service robot named Relay, from the folks at Savioke. The Head of Product & Design, Adrian Canoso will join us and show us what this robot can do. The new game from Ubisoft, Star Trek: Bridge Crew is out. We sent our hosts on a 'seven-minute mission to boldly go where no hosts have gone before' on PSVR. We'll also talk to the Senior Creative Director at Red Storm, the developers of the game. And speaking of Star Trek, we'll meet a doctor who won the XPRIZE for a working Tricorder - the DxtER by Basil Leaf Technologies. Georgia Dow will share some resources for teaching kids to code. Missed out on Nintendo's NES Classic? Bryan Burnett will show you how to make something even better with a Raspberry Pi 3. And, we'll answer your questions in the Mail Bag!

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