MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

May 15th 2024

MacBreak Weekly 921

The Vision Division

M4 iPad Pros, Logic Pro for iPad, Siri Revamp?

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Guests: Mikah Sargent
Category: News

The new iPad Pros are here! Jason Snell shares his thoughts on the iPad Pro, and Mikah unboxes his iPad Pro as Leo and Andy watch with excitement. Logic Pro gets updated for the Mac and iPad with new AI features: is this a prelude to this year's WWDC? Apple is working on revamping Siri to catch up to its competitors' offerings in generative AI. And people are mad at Apple's 'Crush' iPad Pro ad.

  • M4 iPad Pro review: here we go again.
  • Breaking down the iPad Hype: M4 and Tandem OLED!
  • Apple releases Logic Pro for Mac and iPad updates with new AI features.
  • Daring Fireball: The M4 iPad Pros.
  • Apple will revamp Siri to catch up to its chatbot competitors.
  • Apple working to fix iPhone alarm problem.
  • Apple releases iOS 17.5 with cross-platform tracking detection, EU app downloads from websites and more.
  • VMware Fusion Pro 13 goes free for personal use, here's how to get it.
  • Hydraulic Press Channel reproduces the iPad ad for real.
  • Apple apologizes for 'Crush' iPad Pro ad that sparked controversy.
  • Apple still isn't done building its dream iPad

Picks of the Week:

  • Andy's Pick: Not Boring Habits
  • Mikah's Pick: Morpholio Trace
  • Jason's Pick: Ferrite Recording Studio

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