MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Jul 28th 2020

MacBreak Weekly 724

Rene's Beautiful Mug

Apple TV+ Emmys, Big Tech Antitrust Hearings, CES 2021
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Apple TV+ Emmys, Big Tech Antitrust Hearings, CES 2021

The Week's Stores:

  • AppleTV+ scores 19 Emmy nominations, and two daytime Emmy wins
  • Tim Cook and three other big tech titans will testify on antitrust in front of Congress tomorrow. Here's what we would ask them.
  • CES will be online-only in 2021. Pokemon Go Fest 2020 went off without a hitch. Maybe this COVID isolation stuff isn't so bad!
  • iPhone launch might delay to October 2020 due to COVID - Will Apple Glass make an appearance? 
  • Bad journalism alert! WaPo blasts FindMy feature
  • iOS 14 Beta Features
  • macOS bug kills virtual machines
  • What's the best alternative to Adobe Lightroom? Maybe Retrobatch by
  • Intel puts off its 7nm process - Apple Silicon is looking pretty good right now
  • Apple Q4 financial call this Thursday: preview
  • Tenent will release in Europe before America 
  • Streaming in America
  • AppleTV+ buys Werner Herzog meteorite documentary
  • Apple sells a $129 Thunderbolt 3 Cable
  • Woz vs. YouTube in Bitcoin kerfuffle
  • r/appleboxes is the ultimate subreddit for Apple otaku
  • Pokemon Go Fest 2020 

Picks of the Week: 

  • Leo's Pick:Bella Fino Leather Case for iPhone by Pad and Quill
  • Andy's Pick: Western Digital EasyStore hard drives
  • Andy's Pick 2: r/buildapcsales
  • Rene's Pick: Sony A7Siii (for Alex!)
  • Rene's Pick 2: Nebula
  • Lory's Pick: Rene Ritchie Mug

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