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Jun 9th 2020

MacBreak Weekly 717

Meet Me at the Train Museum

WWDC: Mac Dumps Intel, Switches to ARM
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Category: News

WWDC 2020: Mac Dumps Intel, Switches to ARM

The Week's Stories:

  • Apple will announce the transition to ARM-based Macs at WWDC
  • With the transition to ARM, what will happen to Thunderbolt? 
  • How will the ARM transition affect GPUs? 
  • Mac developers should all be using Xcode. What else should they be doing? 
  • Apple will introduce a new iMac at WWDC with a T2 chip and AMD Navi GPU
  • Tech conferences are so 2019. Here's what companies should do instead.
  • Apple posts password manager resources on GitHub. We have a better idea.
  • Buy Apple products interest-free with Apple Card
  • The amazing Apple network adapter that you can't buy
  • Apple will let people back in the office after temperature checks and COVID tests
  • Apple adds symptoms and anonymous sharing to its COVID App
  • Apple's new summer colors
  • iPad Air will switch to USB-C
  • How late will the iPhone 12 be out this year? 
  • Tim Cook praises Black Lives Matter, and Apple Maps features Black Lives Matter Plaza

Picks of the Week:

  • Leo's Pick: Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality
  • Rene's Pick: WWDC Pins (RR pin for ACLU)
  • Rene's 2nd Pick: RR Mug
  • Lory's Pick: Black Lives Matter Carrd
  • Alex's Pick: Mitti

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