MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Oct 8th 2019

MacBreak Weekly 682

The Freakin' Beacon of Liberty

Catalina Deep Dive
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Category: News
  • This week's stories
    •  Hello, Catalina, goodbye, iTunes!
    •  RIP 32 Bit Apps
    •  Catalyst Apps: iOS apps come to macOS
    •  What is "Relocated Items" in Catalina?
    •  Security in Catalina: kind of a pain in the butt
    •  Dark Mode and Auto Mode in Catalina
    •  Gatekeeper in Catalina
    •  The iOSification of macOS
    •  Goodbye Parental controls, hello Screen Time
    •  Catalina lets you control your Mac with your voice
    •  Sidecar: now your iPad is an extra monitor for your Mac
    •  Find My comes to your Mac
    •  So does Reminders
    •  Photos redesign is all about "saliency"
    •  DriverKit and System Extensions are a big security improvement
    •  New APFS improvements in Catalina
    •  What to do if your Catalina upgrade gets stuck
    •  Please, please back up your Mac before you upgrade to Catalina
    •  Activation Lock for Apple T2 Macs
    •  Unlock Apps with your Apple Watch
    •  Goodbye Bash, hello Z Shell
    •  Should we run out and upgrade to Catalina? NO!
    •  Apple's Big China Dilemma
  • Picks of the Week
    •  Andy's Pick: BBEdit 13
    •  Rene's Pick: Fall Watch Bands
    •  Lory's Pick: Halloween (the movie) VHS tape throw blanket

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