MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Nov 27th 2007

MacBreak Weekly 68

The Waffle-Making Robot

Andy finally explains the Kindle's appeal by likening it to a waffle-making robot...

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Guests: Brett Larson
Category: News
  • Congratulations to Alex Lindsay on his new son: Malakhi John Alexander Lindsay
  • The Kindle: We love it! Free EV-DO internet (web browser included), Audible Supporting MP3 Player, and "Ask Kindle Now Now" (for getting your questions answered by a REAL Person for free!).
  • Andy: Think of the kindle as a robot that goes to the farmer's markets, gets the best fresh organic ingredients, drives home, makes to-die-for hot fresh waffles topped with double cream and strawberries with a dash of chocolate on the side (food advertisers should hire Andy! If he can make the kindle sound like this, imagine what he could make actual food sound like!) ready for you go down the stairs after waking up, the kindle is this, only with books, newspapers, magazines and blogs.
  • Apple has defined forever-its 8 years, blame pre-macintosh apple computers for this.
  • Leo and Andy channel Woz via chat
  • The iphone has lousy sales in Britain (yep, thats right, Britain, One of Apple's major international footholds outside the US practically rejected an apple product, the fanboy's are already crying "heresy!")
  • 02 service for the British iPhone is practically useless, were talking about call's, let alone EDGE (Britain has upgraded to UMTS 3G in the past few years, bypassing fake 3G networks like EDGE, meaning that 02 has actually had to DOWNGRADE parts of it's network to EDGE for the iPhone, that's if you can evn get service, this is why 02 signed a deal with "The Cloud" to offer thousands of paid-wifi hotspots for free to iPhone customers)
  • T-mobile sells OFFICIALLY UNLOCKED iPhone, for a ridiculous price, of course
  • Yet more light,frothy macworld rumour talk, December is near, let the bad prognostication-fest begin!


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