MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Jun 4th 2019

MacBreak Weekly 664

I'm Buying As Many As I Can Afford

All the News from WWDC
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Category: News

This Week's Stories
• Mac Pro First Look from a Pro Perspective
• Mac Pro is Not a Computer for the Rest of Us
• Apple Shows Mac Some Love at WWDC
• iPadOS Makes the iPad a Real Computer
• Dark Mode: Why is Everyone So Excited?
• What SwiftUI and Project Catalyst Mean for Developers
• New Memoji Makeup Pushes Virtual Diversity
• Apple Doubles Down on Privacy
• Photos App Improvements
• iOS 13 is Twice as Fast as iOS 12
• Siri gets a New Voice in iOS 13
• Apple Maps Gets Street View and Lidar
• AR Kit Gets Reality Kit and Reality Composer

Picks of the Week
• Leo's Pick: Throwboy Vintage Apple Pillows
• Andy's Pick: SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive - USB A/C 256 gig flash drive
• Jim's Pick: Early Rolling Stones
• James' Pick: Vignette by Casey Liss

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