MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Jan 29th 2019

MacBreak Weekly 646

The Taming Of The Screw

iPhone FaceTime Bug, Apple Earning Call
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Guests: Lory Gil
Category: News
  • A new bug with FaceTime on the iPhone.
  • Some thoughts on what we can expect from the Apple earnings call later today.
  • Is Apple planning a subscription service for games?
  • Apple needs one little screw to manufacture iPhones in the US, but it can't find it here.
  • iOS 12.2 is out, what can it tell us about new iPads?

Picks of the week

  • Lory's Pick: Infinity Pillow
  • Andy's Pick: Pepsi 1893
  • Leo's Pick: OWC Thunderblade 2
  • Rene's Pick: AirBuddy

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