MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Feb 13th 2018

MacBreak Weekly 597

Feel the Burn

HomePod Review, iOS Boot Code Leak
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Category: News

HomePod reviews range from humdrum to rapturous. Why you shouldn't try to remove the HomePod's cord, and other teardown results. iPhone's iboot source code leaked by an intern. MacBooks leap to 4th most popular laptop in the world. Detailed analysis of Apple's efforts in the video market. TLDR: they need to make good shows. No more unlocked iPhodes at Verizon. FloridaMan's AirPods go up in smoke.

  • Andy's Pick: Blue Satellite headphones
  • Rene's Pick: Nanoleaf
  • Leo's Pick: HiFi Man Shangri-La Headphones

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