MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Jun 13th 2017

MacBreak Weekly 563

Dongle Fever

Apple Podcasts updates announced.
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Guests: Susie Ochs
Category: News

Jason Snell fills in for the vacationing Leo Laporte to discuss what we've learned since WWDC a week ago. We get first impressions of HomePod and a review of the new iPad Pro. iOS 11 will have a significant impact on how we interact with iPads, and WatchOS 4 may be a big deal for the future of Apple Watch. Apple updated its MacBooks and iMacs, and we try to determine how the new iMac Pro would differ from the Mac Pro we're expecting Apple to announce in the future. Andy and Rene get into a heated debate over the new MacBook keyboards. And Apple made some major announcements about features coming in its Podcasts app, including more detailed analytics for podcasters.

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