MacBreak Weekly

May 2nd 2017

MacBreak Weekly 557

We're All Sheeple Now

Surface Laptop Eats Apple's Lunch.
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Category: News

At their MicrosoftEDU event, Microsoft announced the 13.5" Surface Laptop, which looks a lot like the laptop that Apple should be making. Luckily, Apple has a $250 billion pile of cash to soak up any tears they might shed. Rumor has it that Apple might announce a Siri speaker to compete with the Amazon Echo and Google Home at WWDC. Dok is a new malware that only affects Macs. Several major apps are abandoning the Apple Watch. Apple Pay might soon have a Venmo-like person-to-person payment system.

  • Rene's Pick: BatteryPro from Elevation Lab
  • Andy's Pick: Deckset: a markdown-powered presentation app
  • Leo's Pick: XFence

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