MacBreak Weekly

Feb 28th 2017

MacBreak Weekly 548

The Scuttlebutt Method

USB-C for iPhone 8, Pi Zero W
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Category: News

Credible rumors state that the iPhone 8 will cost $1,000, have a curved OLED screen, and USB-C will replace the Lightning port. Apple's new campus, due to open in April, is officially named "Apple Park." The 1,000 seat auditorium will be named "Steve Jobs Theater." Warren Buffet doubles his stake in Apple after taking his great-grandkids to Dairy Queen. The Nokia 3310 is the anti-iPhone. And a big pile of Apple memos is discovered in a Seattle thrift store.

  • Andy's Pick: Pi Zero W
  • Rene's Pick: Toasted Coffee/Caramel Woven Nylon Band for Apple Watch
  • Leo's Pick: Mac Rumors Fluid HD
  • And Big Block of Cheese Day!

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