MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Oct 11th 2016

MacBreak Weekly 528

The Passive-Aggressive Update

Samsung cancels Note 7, Apple vs Samsung in Supreme Court, October 27th announcement? Apple vs Dash.
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Category: News

After fires, recalls, replacements, and fires from replacements, Samsung has finally thrown in the towel and discontinued the Galaxy Note 7. Is the Note brand permanently damaged? In other Samsung news, the US Supreme Court hears arguments in one Apple vs Samsung case, and a US Court of Appeals has reinstated Apple's $120 million win over Samsung in another. Samsung's response? Copy the cylindrical Mac Pro. In non-Samsung news, the tea leaves point to Apple holding an event in late October to announce... something? And iOS app developers are up in arms over Apple kicking Dash off the App Store.

  • Rene would jump at the chance to buy a Samsung Note 8, thinking that it will be the safest phone ever made.
  • Our panelists wish list for an October event - a new MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, and why not a new AirPort Extreme?
  • The he said, she said between Apple and the developer of Dash has everyone confused.

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