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Mar 15th 2018

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The Secrets of Geek Travel - Part II

Securing your data and devices, business travel, office VPNs, Encrypted USB Debices, SSDs with Bitlocker
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Protect my Data on the Road!

"I’m a TWiET listener who just started watching Know How. On a TWiET episode several years ago, you and Cheebert talked about traveling securely with your data in “hostile” countries. What would you recommend for a traveler who needs to access sensitive data offline? I won’t have my office VPN and need a solution that can carry just under 50GB of data. It’s ok if the device is destroyed as long as no 3rd parties can read it. Ideally, I need a solution that works well with my company-issued Dell laptop running Windows 10 Enterprise and my home desktop running Windows 10 Home. The office will pay for a solution up to $200 without me having to ask for special permission. Love the show!"  - Martin P (New York, New York)

Encrypted Flash Drive
Kingston Digital DT2000 $100-$160

  • USB 3.0
  • AES 256 Bit Encryption
  • 6-Number PIN (Automatically locked when removed from a Computer)
  • Encryption Key deleted after 10 failed attempts
  • FIPS 197 (Required for Enterprise Standard Security)
  • Win 10, 8, 8.1, 7 // Mac OS 10.9+ // Linux 2.6+ // Chrome OS // Android
  • Unlike some other "Encrypted" USB drives that are really secured controllers, there is actually an encryption/decryption engine on the drive itself. This means that All data on the NAND flash itself is encrypted. (Vs. Just having the controller allow/deny access to unencrypted data on the Flash)
  • Has Read-Only and Timeout locks (Activated by Keypad)


  • Logical disk encryption tool built into certain versions of Windows
    • - Vista Ultimate and Enterprise
    • - Windows 7 Pro and Enterprise
    • - Windows 8/8.1 Pro and Enterprise
    • - Windows Server 2008 and Later
    • - Windows 10 and Enterprise
  • Uses AES 128 or 256

Enabling BitLocker on a Storage Device

  1. Open "This PC"
  2. Right-click the icon of the drive you want to encrypt
  3. Select "Turn on BitLocker"
  4. Use a password or Smart Card for Authentication (Or Both - smartcard will still require a PIN) * NEXT*
  5. Choose if you want to back up your Key * NEXT*
    • You can choose to save it to your MS account, a file that YOU keep, or print it
    • Whatever you choose, make sure you understand the consequences!
    • If you save it to your account, anybody who has access to your account will get your key
    • If you save it to a file, you need to protect the storage device that has that file
    • If you print it, treat the printout as a Top Secret document
    • If you chose either of the latter options, DON'T KEEP THE BACKUP WITH YOUR STORAGE DEVICE!
  6. Encrypt the entire drive on only the space that has been used. * NEXT*
  7. Choose your Encryption Mode *NEXT*
    • "New Encryption" is what I prefer if I'll be using the storage device with a SINGLE computer
    • "Compatible Mode" is what I use if I'll be moving from computer to computer (all have to support BL)
  8. "Start Encrypting"

Important Note:

  • You CAN'T create a BitLocker encrypted volume on Windows 10 Home (You need Pro/Enterprise for that)
  • However, you CAN read a Bitlocker Encrypted Volume (Read Only)

Around the World

Know It Alls,

"I’m a second-year Communications student at Santa Clara University. This summer I’ll be backpacking around Europe with a group of 5 friends, documenting our travel. We’re packing light: Only what we can put in a backpack that must be able to fit in an airplane overhead bin. My load out is currently using about 2 square feet of space and I’m allocating 1 square foot for gear. I’m bringing an Acer Swift 7 and a Pixel 2, as well as that Anker Battery pack you like. I plan to upload content over WiFi whenever we can find it, but I’d like to have messaging capabilities on my phone. I’d also like a second screen, like your portable USB monitor… but with the option of connecting another HDMI source, like a BluRay player or a HD camera for previewing shots. Any other tips on backpacking gear would be most welcomed. Wish us luck!" -Meriko (Santa Clara, CA)

International Messaging


  • $20/year (Activates on first use) // $40 a year if you want to use Emojis
  • Allows you to do "Multimedia Recharges"
  • Works with:
    • What's App
    • Telegram
    • BBM
    • Facebook Messenger
    • WeChat
    • QQi
    • Line
    • Hike
    • Kakao
    • BiP

Coverage Maps

  • Works in EVERY country on his itinerary!

Secur SP-6000

  • 10Ah of battery storage
  • 12W solar panel (2 x 6W panels at 24% efficiency)
  • Dual USB ports (2.4A)
  • Can charge to full in 7-8 hours of direct sunlight
  • 20 ounces (1.25lbs)
    • Has a kickstand for best charging angle
    • Also has a waterproof pouch for your devices to be protected while charging.

Paracord (Grade 550, Type III)

  • 100 feet // 550 lbs of force // 7 strand
  • Available in multiple colors (Choose bright ones if you're planning on using them for laundry!)

Carabiner Clips

  • NOT FOR SUPPORTING YOU! (Hammocks, climbing, etc.)
  • Has replaced Clothes Pins in my bag. (Same uses)

Bag Bungee

Zolo Liberty+ earphones

  • Earphones carry 3-4hrs, case holds another 40hrs, Bluetooth 5, dual grip-fit components for proper fit/sound

Jason's Travel Apps

  • Google Maps - One of my all-time favorite apps PERIOD
  • Google Trips - Relatively new, Includes automatic trip planning, reservation storage, popular day plans and attractions, works offline
  • Google Translate - For when you are in another world and need a little language help, Translate bw 103 languages, camera tanslation, conversation mode, store commonly used phrases
  • Skiplagged - multiservice airline search, but it includes Hidden City fares (meaning you get off the plan at the layover... can save money but most services don't show this as an option)
  • Hopper - predictive airfare pricing, buy when the prices are expected to be the best
  • GasBuddy - Great for road trips, track the best gas prices
  • Lounge Buddy - tracks lounges in airlines around the world, find lounges that you qualify for based on your airline rewards ... not updated in a year though
  • Flush - crowdsourced toilet locater (not sure how effective it is... BUT IT EXISTS)

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