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Mar 22nd 2018

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Stream How: Personal Streaming

Make a streaming kit for under $300.
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Previous Know How episodes have focused on building a podcasting STUDIO... but what if you just want to start a single-camera show for YouTube or Twitch?
Hardware that you'll Need:
* See Episode 212 - We explain the Three-Light Setup
1. Main Light: Slightly off-center, with not so much spread that it whites out the background
2. Hair Light: Above and slightly behind the subject (on the side opposite that of the main light)
3. Background Light: low and behind the subject
* 14" Diameter - 180 LEDs // 36 Watts
* Dimmable
* 5500K Color Temp
* 2 Difuser/Filters
* Shoe Mount + Camera Holder
* Price: ~$50 (Down 50% from the time we first started using them!)
* Includes H.264 Hardware Encoding
* 50mm Dual-Chamber Drivers (Each driver has a chamber for bass and a separate chamber for mids/highs)
* Aluminum band and hinge (Most competitors use plastic)
* Detachable cords ad mic
* Multiple BRAIDED cords (combo plug or in/out)
* Works with PC, PS4, XBOX, Switch (basically anything with a 3.5mm port
** If you want USB, try the Cloud Revolver S
    * X-Split isn't the most feature-rich streaming software, but it's relatively reliable and easy to learn
Software Setup
1. Open X-Split Broadcaster
2. We now need to make a Scene: (Default is #1
    1) Click "Sources"
    2) Choose a video source
    3) Repeat for all video sources in the scene
    4) Add an audio source
    * Rinse and repeat for all scenes
3. We now need to set up a streaming target
    1) Click "Output"
    2) Click "Setup new Output"
    3) Select your Streaming service
    4) Add an audio source
Livestream yourself right to YouTube Live, Facebook Live or Twitter’s Periscope
First Person Time-Lapse
Specs of Camera: 
Optical and Electronic Image Stabilization
Bluetooth and Wifi
Front Camera 8 mp. 1080p up to 2.7 k
Back Camera 5 mp 1080p up to 2k
Max frame rate 30fps
1 hr 45 min of live streaming battery life
Great design. I wish the camera were better.
* Integrated Camera/Light/Mic
* Camera
   - 2MP (1080p) Sensor // 30fps
   - Multi-Step Autofocus
   - 78 degree lens
   - H.264 Hardware Encoding
* LED Ring Light
   - 4" Dimmable
   - Wide Angle 5600K LEDs
   - Three Sets of Diffusion filters
* USB Microphone
   - 14mm Condenser Capsule
   - Cardioid Pickup Pattern
   - 32/44.1/48kHz sampling at 16-bit
   - 150 Hz - 15kHz
* USB-C in (2 x USB 3.0 out)
* Aux out (Rear)
* Front Panel
   - Light Control
   - Camera/Mic On/Off
   - Audio Mix
   - Headphone Volume/Jack
* 10 lbs

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