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Aug 31st 2016

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Build Your Own AquaVase Part 1

How to build your own hydroponic equipment.
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Padre shows how to build your own awesome hydroponic vase with LED's!

Project Overview

We're going to make a single-plant, soiless grow vase that uses standard hydroponic equipment

Parts List

  1. 5" Glass Cylinder Vase
    • The 3D Printed parts fit a 5" (wide) vase, but you can choose how tall you want it to be
    • Just FYI: The taller your vase, the closer the plant will be to the LED light panel
  2. 2.5" to 3.5" Hard Drive Adapter Bracket
    • This is from the "Junk Build" -- Many have spare brackets from previous upgrades.
    • If you don't have an adapter bracket, you can use any piece of metal that can fit in the LED enclosure
  3. CPU Heatsink and Fan
    • This is also from the "Junk Build"
    • If you don't have a spare CPU HS/Fan, you can use any fan that fits into the LED Enclosure
  4. 5050smd LED Strip (1 Spool)
    • These are ULTRA bright Blue LEDs
    • If you want to balance your light, you can also get some RED 5050smd LEDs
  5. Aquarium Air Pump
    • You need a pump, tubing and air stone
    • You want something QUIET!
    • If possible, get a DC pump
  6. 3" Net Cup
  7. Thermal Adhesive
    • This will attach the fan/HS to the metal piece holding the LEDs
    • Again, if you've done an upgrade, there's a chance that you might have some of this in your kit
  8. 12v Power Supply
    • We got this from the Junk Build
    • You can use ANY 12V Power Supply
  9. Aluminum Square Tubes
    • If you want a taller AquaVase, get longer Square Tubes!
  10. Silicone Sealant
  11. 3D Printed Parts
    • AquaVase_Base_v5.stl
    • AquaVase_Cap_v4.stl
    • AquaVase_LED_Fixture_v3.stl
    • AquaVase_Skirt_v2.stl
    • AquaVase_Top_v2.stl

* All these files can be found at:

Optional Parts List

** These parts aren't necessary for the operation of HydroVase, but they ARE cool and geeky! :)

  1. WS2812 LED Ring
  2. Arduino
  3. 433 Mhz Wireless Remote (4 Channel)

Tools List

  1. 3D Printer
  2. Soldering Kit
  3. JST Power Connectors + Silicone wiring
  4. Screwdrivers
  5. Pliers

Segment Summary

We're designing a 3D object that will house our LEDs (Grow & Full Spectrum) atop the two aluminum risers

Intersting Design Features of the AquaVase_LEDFixture

  1. It is designed to fit a 2.5"-3.5" adapter plate
  2. It is designed to fit two .5" aluminum square tubes
  3. The design uses about 10mm of "underhang" to prevent the light from scattering into a room


  1. Import "a1_aquavase_led_fixture_array.stl"
  2. Import "a2_aquavase_led_fixture_PlateMount.stl
  3. Raise a2 by 7mm, and move into the existing plate mount holes (8mm)
  4. Use "Inspector" to turn a2 into "Hole"
  5. Import "a3_aquavase_led_fixture_Wings.stl"
  6. Import "a4_aquavase_led_fixture_WingVoids.stl"
  7. Raise a4 by 2mm
  8. Use "Inspector to turn a4 into "Hole"
  9. Import "a5_aquavase_led_fixture_RiserLock.stl"
  10. Raise a5 by 30mm
  11. Use "Inspector to turn a5 into "Hole"
  12. Import "a6_aquavase_led_fixture_holes.stl
  13. Use "Inspector" to turn a6 into "Hole"
  14. Import "a7_aquavase_led_fixture_MainVoid.stl"
  15. Raise a7 by 13mm 16. Use "Inspector" to turn a7 into "Hole"

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