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Aug 7th 2014

Know How... 105

Pizza Machine, Amazon Glacier, and Lunchbox Chassis Assembly

How to Amazon Glacier

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Robot domination is here and is making pizza, what is Amazon Glacier and why would you use it, build along with the Lunchbox RC chassis, and more! Pizza Vending Machine!

Amazon Glacier

* Amazon Glacier is one of the services sold within the "Amazon Web Services" family It's not like some of the other cloud-storage services (like Dropbox, OneDrive) because it's NOT designed to be a fast and easy way to sync your files with multiple devices and the cloud. * Amazon Glacier is designed to be ARCHIVE storage in the cloud. -- It's SLOW -- It's NOT web accessible -- It's NOT designed for syncing across multiple devices -- It's NOT designed for continous downloads. What is DOES offer is: -- a TREMENDOUS amount of online storage for LITERALLY a penny a Gigabyte. Let's say you want to backup 100GBs * Dropbox will cost you $99/year * OneDrive will cost you $24/year * Crashplan would be $60/year * Amazon Glacier will cost $10/year Here's how the Pricing of Glacier Breaks Down * Uploading to Glacier is free (up to a point)... and you can upload as much as you want. * Glacier charges $0.01 per Gigabyte/Month of Storage * They make their money off the download. -- $0.12/GB after the first TB up to 10TB -- $0.09/GB after 10 TB, up to 40TB -- $0.07/GB after 40TB, up to 100TB -- $0.05/GB after 100TB, up to 350TB -- If you need more than 350TB, you can make special arrangements (but it probably means you have a serious downloading problems) * They also charge you between $0.05 and $0.06 per 1,000 requests (though that doesn't come into play unless you have a LOT of requests) * There are some other rules that apply as to how much data you can download in any given month, but if you're using Glacier for what it's INTENDED to be used for (Online File Archiving), it shouldn't matter. Also, data that runs through Glacier is server-side encrypted. * It uses AES-256 encryption * Amazon holds the keys * If you want, you can encrypt your data before you upload it. (TNO) The first thing we need to do it to sign up for "Amazon Web Services" * Signing up for a free account will give you 750hrs/month of Amazon EC2, 5GB of Amazon S3 Standard Storage and 750hrs/month of Amazon's Database - You can play with EC2 and S3 later, but what we want is "Glacier" ** You WILL need to enter a credit card so they can charge you for any overages. -- I've been able to use American Express Pre-Paid cards When you sign up, you need a valid credit card and phone number that you can reach right away - Amazon will call the phone number you give them to verify your identity Once you've logged in, you'll see a menu for all of Amazon's Web Service offerings - Select "Glacier: Archive Storage in the Cloud" The First thing you need to to is to "create a vault " - Give it a unique name, then click "Create Vault Now" * The vault is like a drive on which you can store files, and folders. * It can be used by 3rd-party programs - I use "Fast Glacier" * You need a security Key and password. Get them by clicking the drop down menu under your account name and selecting "Security Credentials" Click "Access Keys" Click "Create New Access Key" --- Input that information into Fast Glacier

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