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Sep 19th 2023

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New Features in iOS 17

Contact Posters, StandBy, Interactive Widgets, SharePlay in Car

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Category: Reviews

Contact Posters, StandBy, Interactive Widgets, SharePlay in Car

Apple released iOS 17 on Monday, September 18, so Mikah Sargent and special guest, Dan Moren, share some of the features you should check out the moment you update your phone!

  • Contact Posters
  •  Stickers
  •  StandBy
  •  Interactive Widgets
  •  Password Sharing
  •  SharePlay in the Car

  •  Apple iPhone 15 and 15 Plus review: mainstream crossovers
  •  The new iOS 17 notification sound is quieter, and there’s no way to change it back
  •  iPhone 15 Pro weight mystery solved: Why it feels lighter than it is

    Feedback & Questions
  •  Todd wants to know if the new iPhones need a screen protector.
  •  Michael wants to know how iPadOS decides whether to use WiFi or a cellular connection when the signal is less than ideal.
  •  Doug asks for advice on transferring from an iPhone 14 running a beta version of iOS to a brand-new iPhone 15.

    App Caps
  •  Dan App Cap: Thwip: Soundboard
  •  Mikah's App Cap: Camo Studio for iPad

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