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Aug 29th 2023

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Our Most Used Shortcuts

Hosted by Rosemary Orchard

How We Automate iOS for Work and Life

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On this week's iOS Today, Rosemary Orchard and Christopher Lawley dive into what's new in Shortcuts on iOS 17, share their favorite Shortcuts they rely on daily, speculate on Apple's upcoming September event, and more.

What's New in Shortcuts in iOS 17 & iPadOS 17

  • Automations can now run immediately without confirmation for triggers like locations and Bluetooth connections.
  • Shortcuts widgets get enhancements like the new XL widget
  • Added new automation triggers like iPad external display connections and Apple Pay transactions.

Rosemary & Christopher's Favorite Shortcuts:

  • CaptureCut for Obsidian: Grabs titles and URLs to quickly create Obsidian notes from webpages.
  • Apple Watch Ultra Button: Start different workouts based on focus and location.
  • SnippetCut: Manages reusable text snippets across devices for quick access with a shortcut.
  • Evil Alarm Clock: Flashes HomeKit lights unpleasantly to discourage snoozing.
  • TaskCut for Reminders: Copies Safari webpage info into Reminder tasks easily.
  • Helpful Alarm Clock: Alarm automation gently wakes with light and blinds opening.
  • Laundry Timer: Timed reminders to move laundry along.
  • Meeting Alarms: Creates calendar alerts 3 minutes before meetings as reminders.
  • RichText Converter: Converts markdown to rich text for easy sharing.
  • Next Holiday: Lists upcoming UK bank holidays from her calendar.
  • Publish New Video: Auto-posts new YouTube videos as blog posts.


  • Apple's 9/12 'Wonderlust' Event speculation: USB-C finally coming to iPhones?
  • Alex Hay’s apps live on at Snailed It
  • Announcing Relay FM for St. Jude 2023


  • What to do with an original iPad?
  • Recommendations for fixing shows not playing in a 3rd-party TWiT Apple TV app.

App Caps:

  • Rosemary's App Cap: Anker 620 MagGo Grip
  • Christopher Lawley's App Cap: xSearch for Safari

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