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Aug 22nd 2023

iOS Today 667

Final Cut Pro Deep Dive with Chris Lawley

Hosted by Rosemary Orchard

iPadOS 17 changes to Stage Manager, Lock Screen, Home Screen, & more!

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Category: Reviews

Join Christopher Lawley as he gives an overview of some new features in iPadOS 17 and how it has transformed his device usage. 

  • Stage Manager window resizing and movement, Shift-clicking apps, External display enhancements
  • Lock Screen column of Widgets on the left side, customizing time
  • Interactive widgets on the Home Screen
  • Linking related Notes
  • Grocery List with auto sorting in Reminders. Sections in Projects
  • Create hyperlinks in Mail messages

Later, Chris gives a detailed walkthrough of the unique abilities of Final Cut Pro for the iPad, including how to import and export media, navigate the UI, search with Keywords, and work around certain limitations.

  • File management, Inspector panel, and multicam 
  • Timeline editing, color grading, and audio effects
  • Animated titles, Background options, and Soundtracks 
  • Camera controls, jog wheel, and Apple Pencil handwriting

App Caps

  • Rosemary's App Cap: HomeBatteries for HomeKit
  • Christopher Lawley's App Cap: Floating Player

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