Host-Read Ads

Oct 27th 2023

Host-Read Ads 57

Host Trust & The Personal Endorsement

Hosted by Lisa Laporte

Host Trust & The Personal Endorsement

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Today I want to remind my audience about the power behind host-read ads and how including a personal endorsement, also known as a PE, increases traction for brands.

Host-read content continues to be a proven strategy for seasoned ad buyers, because it's the best kind of influencer marketing — and that's supported by Nielsen research which found host-read ads lead to stronger lifts in key equity metrics, such as a 67% increase in brand affinity.

In today's podcast landscape, Dynamic Ads have taken over- please do not believe all those agencies and networks who only sell DAs. As they tout, DAs are stronger and better than host-read ads. 100% false information, and I wish they would stop saying it.

Audiences listen to podcasts because they trust and want to hear from their favorite hosts. When an ad is host-read and authentic, there is a 50% increase to purchase from brands over DAs.

When the host-read ad includes a personal endorsement from the host - the brand affinity and conversions are even higher than an implied endorsement. Why? Because the trust is already established and with the host talking about how much they love a brand, the audience is more compelled to trust the brand too.

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