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Feb 27th 2014

Coding 101 6

Coding101(Padre, Snubs)

This week we are talking about Object Oriented Programming.
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Guests: Louis Maresca
Category: Help & How To

Welcome to Coding 101 - It's the TWiT show that gives YOU the knowledge to live in the wonderful world of the programmer. This week we are talking about Object Oriented Programming.

Reviewing Functions and Viewer Submissions

This week, I am sharing a very small and simple text based adventure game I made called Flight of the Dragon! You can download my code below at our Github. Question of the Week From CosmicRay: Where did Lou come up with key press "a" is 65, key press "b" is 66, etc. I know it's from Console.ReadKey().Key, but is there a table somewhere that shows all the equivalents to each key press? I tried Googling for it, and also looking on StackOverflow but couldn't find it.

Here is the link!

Viewer Submissions! Some cool ones from Benjamin in the G+ community. An airport code identifier, number sorter, and a musical. Code is available here.

From SquareIguana: Some more from Square Iguana. This one translates your text to Morse Code using a for loop.

First example. A paint application. And the code is available here. A simple menu concept. And the code is available here.

Find the Code for ALL of our episodes HERE!

Ivory Tower

Let's talk about "OOP" - Object Oriented Programming

OOP was a REVOLUTIONARY approach to designing modular, reusable software code.

  • Previous languages separated programming into data and code.
    • You wrote your code, which then processed data
  • OOP unified the two: instead of having data and code, you have a "object" that combines the two.
    • Instead of having pieces of code that handle set of data, you now have OBJECTS that model In-Real-Life logic with In-Real-Life sets of data.
    • Thankfully, though we haven't called it "Object Oriented Programming"
  • We've been doing OOP since episode 1 when we challenged you to break down problems into their component pieces.
    • Use Ep005 GitHub code to show how OOP is:
      • Easier to Understand
      • Easier to Maintain
      • Easier to Upgrade A word about "Function" vs. "Method" or "Procedure"
  • There are programmers who will tell you that C# doesn't have functions, but rather, only Methods.
  • There are programmers who will tell you that Object Oriented Programing doesn't have functions, but only "procedures"
  • THIS IS ALL TRUE -- but we call them functions because that's the universal term. Methods and procedures ARE functions... they act like functions... they work like functions... they are programmed like functions --- so don't get confused.
    • Eventually you'll know WHY they're called "Methods" or "Procedures", but if you're just starting out, don't worry about it -- the next time an expert programmer tells you, "well, actually... there ARE no functions in C#... just smile and say, "of course there aren't."


public int answer(int a, int b)


int c = a + b;

return c;


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