Coding 101

Dec 18th 2014

Coding 101 47

Santa's Little Helper - Bonus!

Polishing up the holiday pricer.
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Guests: Louis Maresca

The Code for today's show is available below: Santa's Little Helper 3/3

MS Open Sources the Halo Framework!

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that they would be contributing "Project Orleans" to their open-source initiative. Project Orleans is built on .NET - "Project Orleans" is the framework that powers "Halo 4" and is used extensively in the Azure cloud - It's REALLY good at scaling - Based on the "Actor Model" -- Concurrent computing objects that can communicate with one another - Unlike Classes... "Orleans Actors" are automatically instantiated and they ALWAYS exist. The Open Sourcing will be available by early 2015 - Microsoft Research will release the code under an MIT license - Posted on GitHub


In 2004, Martin Fowler published an article about a pattern named Presentation Model (PM). MVVM is identical to Fowler's Presentation Model, in that both patterns feature an abstraction of a View, which contains a View's state and behavior. Fowler introduced Presentation Model as a means of creating a UI platform-independent abstraction of a View, whereas John Gossman introduced MVVM as a standardized way to leverage core features of WPF to simplify the creation of user interfaces. In that sense, I consider MVVM to be a specialization of the more general PM pattern Since 2005, MVVM has become more general and more frameworks .

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