Coding 101

Sep 4th 2014

Coding 101 33

C# Class Recap

C# classes.
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Guests: Louis Maresca
Category: Help & How To

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Classes Recap

  • Classes

* A "class" is a blue print that can be created multiple times.

* When the blue print is used to create -- it creates an "OBJECT of that class

* We can create as many objects of a class, and when we're done with it, it's removed from memory.

  • Abstract Classes

* If classes are blueprints --- things that are ready to create --- to turn into objects, then "ABSTRACT Classes" are architectural designs. -- They have the right shape of the thing to be created -- They have much of the information needed to create the thing being created -- But they are not complete -- They cannot be instantiated - (They cannot not be "created" into an object) -- The sole purpose of an abstract class is to act as a "base" for inheritance -- They cannot be instantiated, but a derrivative class, which inherits the abstract members from the abstract class, can be. -- That derrivative class must provide proper implementation for all the abstract members of the abstract class, then it CAN create an object. (It complete's the blueprints)

  • Interface

* An Interface is like an Abstract class in that it can be used to define hierarchies for any sub-classes

* Unlike an Abstract Class, an Interface has NO body. -- It's just the definitions of methods, with no body whatsoever.

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