Ask The Tech Guys - Leo Laporte & Mikah Sargent

Jun 30th 2024

Ask The Tech Guys 2031

Three Weddings and a Baby

IT Careers, iPhone Backups, Wi-Fi Systems

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Category: Help & How To

Four thousand people were arrested in a crackdown on online scam networks. What's the best way to get started working in IT? What are good alternatives to the Windows Mail app? And Mikah and Leo give their recommendation for a Wi-Fi system that's great for older users.

  • Nearly 4,000 arrested in global police crackdown on online scam networks.
  • I paid $365.63 to replace 404 Media with AI.
  • Microsoft tells Texas agencies they were exposed in Russian hack.
  • NASA and SpaceX misjudged the risks from reentering space junk.
  • The White House will host a conference for social media creators.
  • Apple explores novel method for making iPhone batteries more replaceable.
  • A caller is taking an online course to get a certification towards working in the field of IT and has started to look at online jobs. They found a job they are interested in, but it's asking for five years of experience, and the caller will only have this certification when applying. How can they find the ideal job to start their career in the IT field?
  • Shele wonders how they can back up their iPhone data to network-attached storage rather than through iCloud.
  • Nate uses a Mac and a Windows machine with multiple hard drives connected to it. Whenever he reboots his Mac though, the Windows machine with the drives goes offline, and he has to reconnect them every time manually. Is there a way to reconnect the drives automatically?
  • Nate is also wondering why when driving in his vehicle and as he gets close to his house, Siri activates from his iPhone and takes over the audio in his vehicle?
  • Jeff is having issues getting back into his email account after supposedly violating the email providers' service agreement.
  • Jim has a website for wedding officiation. However, when people try to visit his website, the server can't be found unless they add "https://" to the URL. What's preventing people from visiting Jim's website?
  • Kevin writes in to try to find alternatives to Windows's Mail app after being mandated to switch from it to Microsoft Outlook.
  • David calls in trying to understand why he can only update the operating system through the command line when running Linux Mint.
  • James calls in looking for a recommendation for a Wi-Fi system he can install for his parents and have them manage it themselves rather than relying on James.
  • Andrew is looking for recommendations for his next laptop and to see if there's any spamware protection he can install for his Pixel 8.

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