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Unveiling the Google Pixel Watch 2!

Learn about the highs and lows of Google's latest smartwatch. Jason Howell goes hands-on with its enhanced software, Fitbit integration, and improved battery life, yet uncovers concerns like limited sizing and repairability issues. Download and explore the Pixel Watch 2, and subscribe to Hands-On Tech for more in-depth gadget insights.

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Last week on This Week in Tech, Leo Laporte and esteemed guests Shoshana Weissmann, Christina Warren, and Mike Elgan delivered an electric episode. It's a rollercoaster of tech dynamics, from the AI Executive Order to the showdown between Epic and Google. They dive into the details of Meta Ray-Bans', unearth Elon Musk's XAI concept and the impact of Twitter's engagement decline on content creators. Plus, a discussion of the concerns around President Biden's AI executive order and the international AI declaration signed at Bletchley Park. Get in on the action! Subscribe and download now. Check out other exciting TWiT episodes here!

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