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TWiT's Tech Update

Prepare for an exhilarating ride with the latest episode of This Week in Tech, featuring the brilliant minds of Stacey Higginbotham, Ben Parr, and Allyn Malventano. Dig into the pulse of the tech world with Leo Laporte. From the sensational success of a Pokemon-like game amassing 5m+ downloads in a week, sparking copyright queries, to the staggering sale of 160-180k Apple Vision Pros. Uncover the intricacies of Taylor Swift Deepfakes and the legal complexities in the George Carlin AI Lawsuit, where the estate sues creators over a comedy special. The tech future awaits—stay informed, subscribe and download now This Week in Tech!

Abrar Al-Heeti & Amanda Silberling

Meet Our Newest Tech Gurus

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of two exceptional minds to the Tech News Weekly podcast family. We warmly welcome Abrar Al-Heeti, the talented video host and producer at CNET, who will join us on the first Thursday of every month. Abrar's episodes are a treasure trove of insights on tech, culture, and the constantly evolving digital landscape. Check out her latest appearance, available at TWiT 956. On the second Thursday of every month, we are excited to feature the brilliant Amanda Silberling, senior culture writer at TechCrunch. Amanda's episodes perfectly blend serious discussions on government regulations and a lighter side, like stories about nine-month-long cruises hosting TikTok creators. Dive into her latest episode, available at TNW 319. Subscribe now for a weekly adventure through the tech world with Mikah Sargent. We guarantee you'll be hooked!

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