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Jan 11th 2024

Tech News Weekly 319

Generative AI Predictions For 2024

TikTok Cruise, Rabbit R1 Pocket, Vision Pro

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There's a nine-month-long cruise ship that's hosting a plethora of TikTok creators. A company called Rabbit sells its 10,000 unit allotment of its R1 AI companion device. What are the details on the upcoming Apple Vision Pro, now set to launch on February 2nd? And how Generative AI may be helpful in 2024.

  • Amanda Silberling joins the show as a guest co-host! You'll be seeing her every 2nd Thursday, sharing her story of the week and talking with Mikah about his story of the week. We start with how there's a nine-month-long cruise ship that's hosting a large number of TikTok creators.
  • Mikah talks about a company called Rabbit and how they sold out of the 10,000 unit allotment of its R1 AI companion device that works as a "universal controller for apps."
  • Dan Moren of Six Colors joins the show to talk about the Apple Vision Pro device and how the company announced a release date of February 2nd, with pre-orders beginning on Friday, January 19th, starting at 5:00 a.m. Pacific.
  • Finally, Reed Albergotti from Semafor shares how generative AI in 2024 will be implemented more meaningfully to assist us in advancements in different fields.

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