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New Era for TWiT

We're saying goodbye to FLOSS Weekly, iOS Today, and This Week in Enterprise Tech, but don't worry, they're being replaced with something even better. iOS Today is getting a reboot with shorter, power-packed content, and we're excited to bring you more exclusive content and deeper insights.

We want to thank the hosts, producers, and crew members who have worked tirelessly to bring these shows to life. We appreciate your dedication and passion, and we're grateful for the impact you've had on our community.

We're committed to continuing these shows' legacy and bringing you the best in tech content. We hope you join us on this journey and continue to be a part of the TWiT community. Stay tuned for what's next!

Get more information in our blog post: Redesigning The Tech Experience

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Want to help TWiT achieve its 2024 goals? We need your support to reach our club and advertising sales targets! Learn how you can contribute to our growth and success and what's in store for our fans. 👉 Check out our blog post now and be a part of TWiT's future!

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