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TWiT's Non-Podcast RSS feeds for RSS Readers

Everyone knows about our podcast feeds. You can find them at and subscribe in any podcatcher app.

However, not as many people know about our non-podcast RSS feeds. If you've got an RSS reader or use a site like Feedly for keeping up on news from various sites, give these TWiT RSS feeds a try:

This feed has the episode descriptions for all the shows we publish and links to the episode pages. It's similar to the "All Shows" podcast feed, but this feed also includes TWiT Bits.

This feed doesn't include any episodes at all. It's made up of all the content within the "Posts" section of the site (except for Transcripts, because those are really long). If you want to know all the latest picks, the tech news headlines, and never miss an Inside TWiT post, then this is the RSS feed for you!

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