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The Power of Membership: How Grew Their Podcast Community with Memberful

Learn how successfully grew its podcast community and diversified its revenue streams through the power of membership with Memberful.

Share Your Audience Testimonials

We always collect partner testimonials and we want to hear from you too! Tell us why you love our network, partners, and hosts. You might be featured in my next post.

The Power of the Written Word on

TWiT is taking a bold step forward by reintroducing handwritten content focused on our tech news and discussions to our platform.

TWiT Meetup with Leo Laporte in Green Bay!

Join us for a super chill meetup with Leo Laporte in Green Bay! 

Steve Gibson Announces He Will Continue Security Now Podcast Beyond Episode 1000

Gibson announced he has decided to continue the show beyond episode 1000, reversing his previous plan to end after reaching that milestone.

Moving to Libsyn's AdvertiseCast

We decided to partner with Liberated Syndication Inc. ("Libsyn"), which owns AdvertiseCast. We hope this new partnership helps us sell out our host-read ad inventory.

Saying Goodbye to Hands-On Photography

Sadly Hands-On Photography has come to a close this week after helping amateur and professional photographers learn how to use their cameras to their full potential.

All About Android Bids Farewell

After many years of delivering everything you want to know about Android each week, All About Android has come to an end. It has been a go-to source for Android enthusiasts, and we want to thank all the contributors who have made it possible.

TWiT Partners with an Independent Attribution Company - Podscribe

After thorough testing, we are pleased to announce that we are adding Podscribe to all our audio and video feeds this month. That means we can offer their attribution services starting Q3 2023.

Testing Podscribe's & Magellan AI's Attribution Services

We currently use Podsights, which was acquired by Spotify last year, and we would prefer to work with an independent company. Therefore, we are exploring other options for verification and are currently testing with and

Switching DAI Platforms

We have used Megaphone at TWiT to sell our unsold audio inventory via DIA (dynamic ad insertion) for the last few years. Now we are in the process of testing Libsyn, which owns Advertisecast, to take over from Megaphone.

Testing Podscribe's Attribution Service

TWiT podcasts are largely ad-supported, and many of our advertisers require ad-tech to measure their ads on our network. We currently use Podsights, which was acquired by Spotify last year, and we would prefer to work with an independent company.

Home Theater Geeks 2.0

Home Theater Geeks is back to help you supercharge your home theater and audio systems. With the podcast's relaunch, Scott Wilkinson provides listeners with in-depth news, advice, and reviews of the latest products and technology.

Ask The Tech Guys Starts Jan 8th

Get ready to get your questions answered. Be a part of our newest tech podcast. Starting January 8, 2023, Ask The Tech Guys records on Sundays and is available on all the podcast apps.

TWiT Studios Sponsored By ACI Learning

We've partnered with ITPro for over a decade and are thrilled to announce their parent company ACI Learning secured naming rights for the TWiT Studios for 2023!

The Secret Is Out!

Saturday was a pretty big day on "The Tech Guy" show. Steve Martin called in to let the world in on the secret that Leo is leaving radio! The world-famous comedian, actor, and writer wished Leo well as he announced his retirement from nearly 50 years in radio, 19 of them as "The Tech Guy".

Mishaal Rahman and JR Raphael Join All About Android

All About Android brings in even more expertise. Six months ago, Huyen Tue Dao brought her developer chops to the show, and now we welcome journalist Mishaal Rahman, the Senior Technical Editor at Esper.

Hands-On Windows with Paul Thurrott

Paul Thurrott, known for his Microsoft and Windows expertise, announces a new show on On Hands-On Windows, he’ll bring you great tips, tricks, and advice for working with Windows 11.

Hands-On Mac

We have redesigned Hands-On Mac to include bits of knowledge, tips, and tricks for your Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and more. All brought to you by Mikah Sargent, TWiT's Apple aficionado.

Jason Snell Joins MacBreak Weekly

For 30 years, Jason has covered Apple and was the lead editor at Macworld. He’s appeared on many episodes throughout the network, including hosting This Week in Tech. Jason will step into Rene's spot as permanent co-host on MacBreak Weekly.

Club TWiT Offers Annual Memberships

On our first anniversary, Club TWiT, a fan-supported service where you can listen to or watch all of our podcasts ad-free and more, offers annual memberships.

TWiT is Going to Space - UPDATE

Starting March 4, 2022, This Week in Space will be available to the public.

The Untitled Linux Show Gets Its Own Feed on Club TWiT!

Due to rising popularity, The Untitled Linux Show now has its own feed in Club TWiT!

Huyen Tue Dao Joins TWiT

We are thrilled to announce Huyen Tue Dao as an official co-host for All About Android starting Tuesday, January 11, 2022.

Smart Tech Today Podcast is Canceled

Smart Tech Today has ended its run, with the last episode published on December 23, 2021.