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Gear Up for a Refreshing Club TWiT Experience!

Join us, spread the tech love, and let's shape the future of tech podcasting together! Read More...

TWiT To Host First Live Audience Since 2020

For the first time since February 2020, TWiT is opening its doors to fans and having a live studio audience.

Club Shows Now Open to Everyone!

Our Club TWiT tech podcasts are going public! Read more

TWiT's Lesser Known RSS Feeds

Everyone knows about the RSS feeds for our podcasts, but did you know we have some for your newsreaders, too?

Tech Advocates Unite: Top 11 Ways to Strengthen's Impact!

Explore 11 ways to fuel our Tech Network and support quality content creation at TWiT.

Redesigning the Tech Experience - Show Changes and Cancellations

Change is on the horizon! FLOSS Weekly, iOS Today, and This Week in Enterprise Tech are bidding adieu, but that's just the beginning. Learn about iOS Today's transformation. Read more here.

The Future of TWiT: How You Can Help Us Meet Our 2024 Goals

Support your favorite podcasts and help TWiT meet its 2024 goals!

A Heartfelt Farewell: TWiT Says Goodbye to Valued Team Members

TWiT bids a heartfelt goodbye to cherished team members. Let's take a moment to honor their contributions and the bond they've shared with the community.

Embracing a New Chapter

Tech Break bids adieu! On December 22nd, we're returning to a back-to-basics approach. Read more...

TWiET: How to Boost User Experiences in DevOps

Jenna Bilotta of LaunchDarkly joins the TWiET hosts to discuss enterprise DevOps and tools available to developers.

TWiT: Strengthening Community Engagement

Our round-the-clock livestream is signing off, yet our dedication stays unwavering. Dive into our newly reimagined Club TWiT on Discord and YouTube Live Streaming options. Follow for the latest updates and join our thrilling journey of evolution.

Elevate Your Tech Podcast Experience with Club TWiT

Looking for more podcasts to fuel your curiosity? Elevate your listening experience and join Club TWiT, the ultimate destination for our most loyal fans. Click here for more!

Aral Balkan Calls For New Funding Models to Support Ethical Tech

On a recent episode of FLOSS Weekly, hosts Doc Searls and Dan Lynch spoke to open-source advocate Aral Balkan about the need for alternate funding models to support ethical technology projects.

Eero Plus Update May Block Podcasts

Amazon recently released an update to their Eero Plus ad-blocking service available in their Eero wireless routers. The update may prevent any device connected to the Eero router from downloading some podcasts from TWiT and other podcast networks.

Exploring the Universe of SciFi with John Scalzi

John Scalzi joins Ant Pruitt to chat about his path to becoming a New York Times Bestselling author. Join us as he reveals his creative process, shares hilarious anecdotes, and unveils exciting details about his latest masterpiece, Starter Villain.

The Power of Membership: How Grew Their Podcast Community with Memberful

Learn how successfully grew its podcast community and diversified its revenue streams through the power of membership with Memberful.

Share Your Audience Testimonials

We always collect partner testimonials and we want to hear from you too! Tell us why you love our network, partners, and hosts. You might be featured in my next post.

The Power of the Written Word on

TWiT is taking a bold step forward by reintroducing handwritten content focused on our tech news and discussions to our platform.

TWiT Meetup with Leo Laporte in Green Bay!

Join us for a super chill meetup with Leo Laporte in Green Bay! 

Steve Gibson Announces He Will Continue Security Now Podcast Beyond Episode 1000

Gibson announced he has decided to continue the show beyond episode 1000, reversing his previous plan to end after reaching that milestone.

Moving to Libsyn's AdvertiseCast

We decided to partner with Liberated Syndication Inc. ("Libsyn"), which owns AdvertiseCast. We hope this new partnership helps us sell out our host-read ad inventory.

Saying Goodbye to Hands-On Photography

Sadly Hands-On Photography has come to a close this week after helping amateur and professional photographers learn how to use their cameras to their full potential.

All About Android Bids Farewell

After many years of delivering everything you want to know about Android each week, All About Android has come to an end. It has been a go-to source for Android enthusiasts, and we want to thank all the contributors who have made it possible.

TWiT Partners with an Independent Attribution Company - Podscribe

After thorough testing, we are pleased to announce that we are adding Podscribe to all our audio and video feeds this month. That means we can offer their attribution services starting Q3 2023.

Testing Podscribe's & Magellan AI's Attribution Services

We currently use Podsights, which was acquired by Spotify last year, and we would prefer to work with an independent company. Therefore, we are exploring other options for verification and are currently testing with and