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Leo, Jason, Mikah, and Ant.

TWiT's four resident hosts are all informative, funny, and down-to-earth — and each bring their own unique flavor to the network. They host their own regular shows but also participate in other shows here and there.

Now, you can subscribe to specific feeds for each host so you never miss an appearance by your favorite podcaster (or two, or three…).

The Total Jason, Total Mikah, and Total Ant feeds are — you guessed it — for all appearances by Jason Howell, Mikah Sargent, and Ant Pruitt, respectively.

And of course, Radio Leo continues to dispatch all of Leo Laporte's many appearances.

The Total pages aren’t populated with episodes yet, as we are focusing our efforts on the website redesign. You'll see the pages get populated in April. That doesn't mean you can't subscribe now. Just go to your favorite podcatcher to find the feeds.

So don't fear, don't fret, don't miss a show. Subscribe now to fulfill your fandom.


Lisa and Leo


Although episodes aren't visible on our web pages at this time, the “subscribe to” links work, so you can always go to the Radio Leo, Total Jason, Total Mikah, or Total Ant pages and follow the links to subscribe on your podcatcher of choice.

Here are direct links to some of the podcatchers.

Radio Leo

Total Jason

Total Mikah

Total Ant

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