Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott, Richard Campbell, and Leo Laporte

Jan 9th 2009

Windows Weekly 89

Tripod, The Beta

Macworld and iTunes tax, Ballmer at CES, Windows 7 and Windows Live, and more.

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Guests: Mary Jo Foley
Category: News

Macworld and iTunes tax, Ballmer at CES, Windows 7 and Windows Live, and more.

Macworld 2009

  • Well, at least they focused on the Mac for a change.
  • iTunes goes DRM-free.
  • But what about the iTunes tax? All or nothing to convert existing songs.
  • Also, Microsoft raises Apple Tax issues.


  • Ballmer keynote
  • Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 public beta
  • Windows Live Essentials is finalized
  • Windows Mobile? No discussion of version 7, Zune Mobile
  • No discussion of Vista numbers (Why: SEC; earnings announce soon)
  • No discussion of Windows 7 schedule, SKUs (Why: Still working on it)
  • Schedule: WinLive Wave 3 first, then IE 8, then Windows 7
  • Confirmed: Only one Beta release for Windows 7
  • No discussion of Windows Home Server? Weird. I've had one of the new HPs for awhile … excellent
  • There are new home server partners — new versions of the OS are coming this year too
  • Xbox 360: 28 million sold so far

Software of the week: Windows 7 Beta available starting Friday

Tip of the week: Use Windows 7 Play To … to send content around the house.

Audible pick of the week: American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House, Unabridged, By Jon Meacham, Narrated by Richard McGondale. For a free credit toward the audiobook of your choice, visit

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