Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott, Richard Campbell, and Leo Laporte

Jul 10th 2024

Windows Weekly 889

Works Best With Netscape

OneDrive calms down, Surface firmware, Field Guide resize

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Guests: Mary Jo Foley
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In this episode, Paul seems to be sitting in a familiar room! Could this be a sign that a game-changing enhancement to Notepad is rolling out? That's not all, as OneDrive seems to be undergoing some behavioral changes in a positive direction. After 3 weeks since the Copilot+ PC launch (2 weeks since Paul got his 1st model), the future of Intel and x86 may not be as dire as some think. Plus, Affinity announced that its award-winning Photo, Designer, and Publisher apps are now free for 6 months with no obligation to buy!

The Morning After

  • The end of Intel and the x86 era? You guys are cute
  • Comparing the HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft entries: A few differentiators, but these things are very, very similar. There’s a reason why
  • IDC throws cold water on the AI PC/Copilot+ PC parade
  • We still need official Windows 11 on Arm ISOs, Microsoft. Until then, there are workarounds.

Windows 11

  • GAME CHANGER: Notepad FINALLY supports spell-checking and auto-correct!
  • ACTUAL GAME CHANGER: Microsoft is apparently stepping back some of the OneDrive terribleness in Windows 11 version 24H2
  • Patch Tuesday: BIG deal for Windows 11 22H2, 23H2 with 24H2 features
  • Nothing to speak of for 24H2, as predicted - just security updates
  • It’s nice when things happen as expected for a change
  • Canary: Lock screen widget changes
  • Paul put the Windows 11 Field Guide on a diet - and then the other books too
  • PDF went from 377 MB to 107 MB, EPUB went from 344 MB to just 86 MB (!)
  • Similar gains for Windows Everywhere, Windows 10 Field Guide
  • Updated the Win10 add-in that comes with the Windows 11 Field Guide too


  • Surface Laptop 7 and Pro 11 get second firmware updates


  • The OpenAI drama consumes Microsoft
  • Opera brings Aria AI features to its GX gaming browser too


  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gets a price hike
  • Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available on newer Fire TV Sticks. Also, free Fortnite!

Tips and Tricks

  • Tip of the week: Get all three Affinity apps on all three platforms for free for six months!
  • App pick of the week: Firefox 128 and Vivaldi 6.8
  • RunAs Radio this week: The Hardware of Azure with Rani Borkar
  • Brown liquor pick of the week: Raasay Single Malt

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