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Jun 5th 2024

Windows Weekly 884

Sentient Meat

Recall debate, orchestration, Bing turns 15

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Recall debate, orchestration, Bing turns 15

Attack of the Copilot+ PCs 

  • Nvidia: GeForce RTX AI PCs will get Copilot+ PC status … some day
  • AMD: Ryzen AI 300 series (laptops) and AMD Ryzen 9000 series (desktops) have 50 TOPS NPUs and an on-stage apology, er, admission, from Microsoft 
  • Intel: Lunar Lake delivers 48 TOPS NPU, new GPU
  • Qualcomm - Don’t forget us! We’re going to go after every PC form factor there is
  • Thinking about AI, NPUs, and local workloads - Is an orchestrator in our future?
  • Microsoft needs to address the Recall controversies
  • Framework Laptop 13 is coming with Intel Core Ultra chips
  • HP earnings - PC business up 3 percent in Q
  • Dell earnings - PC business is flat

Windows 11

  • Microsoft delivers its Week D preview update a day late
  • If you’re on 24H2 like I recommended last week, you get … wait for it … Copilot as an app
  • Canary: Copilot as an app, Emoji 15.1 support
  • Dev: Copilot as an app
  • Microsoft adds a Windows 10 Insider Preview Beta channel to test new features


  • Bing is 15 years old. What can we possibly celebrate?
  • More Microsoft layoffs, this time in Mixed Reality and Azure


  • Apple reportedly partnering with OpenAI. Microsoft reportedly pissed about Apple partnering with OpenAI
  • Google is fixing its AI overviews in Search
  • And if anyone still trusts Google AI for some reason, Google Gemini 1.5 Pro and 1.5 Flash are now GA
  • Amazon brings AI search, and to Fire TV for some reason
  • When Raspberry Pi 5 can do AI is AI just everywhere now?


  • Asus announces ROG Ally X gaming handheld - are these to gaming what 8.1-inch tablets were to Windows 8.1?
  • PlayStation VR2 adapter for PC is $60

Tips & Picks

  • App pick of the week: Opera
  • RunAs Radio this week: Apple and Microsoft Entra with Michael Epping
  • Brown liquor pick of the week: Nikka “From the Barrel”

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