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Feb 21st 2024

Windows Weekly 869

Pretty, Pretty Bueno

Xbox business update, ChromeOS Flex, OpenAI's Sora

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Microsoft’s big Xbox strategy event was exactly what Paul expected it was going to be. Hopefully, this calmed some nerves.

Xbox strategy reveal

  • It was going to be about Activision Blizzard originally (nailed it)
  • All first-party games will be in Game Pass on day one (as is the case now)
  • Game Pass will only be on Xbox (whatever “Xbox” means as it’s on PC too)
  • The strategy is unchanged: Meet gamers where they are
  • But the best experience is on Xbox (this is like going from “Windows only” to “Windows first” to “Windows best”)
  • Portability across hardware platforms is a key part of the strategy - Backward Compatibility, etc.
  • A future generation of Xbox console hardware will offer “the largest technical leap you have ever seen in a hardware generation.”
  • Oh, and four games are coming to “other consoles.”

Windows 11

  • Microsoft is quietly adding off-ramps to the Insider Program after killing the Magic window with their screwed-up release schedule
  • Canary and Dev - 24H2, same builds. New navigation pane in Widgets - new accessibility setting for low-vision users - that same tired weather experience on the lock screen that is already in stable and seriously kill me now I can’t stand this company anymore. Oh, and there are ISOs.
  • Beta - New prompts for that “manage mobile devices” features, updates to Snipping Tool and Notepad (also in RP)
  • Release Preview - We’re testing Moment 5 now, so this is a huge update
  • Microsoft fixed a bug that let Edge siphon browser data from other browsers
  • Stardock brings pre-release support for Arm versions of Start11, Fences, and Groupy to new Object Desktop Insider program
  • Google has an answer for those out of support Windows 10 PCs

Build 2024

  • Microsoft confirms that Build 2024 is May 21-23 in Seattle. No word on press invites

Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft will finally unify the Teams clients on Windows and Mac
  • Microsoft is killing Publisher in 2 years and even though no one uses it, people are freaking out


  • Microsoft to use Intel Foundry for at least one in-house custom AI chip
  • Now OpenAI is worth over $80 billion, is world’s third-biggest unicorn
  • OpenAI announces Sora and... HOLY #$%^
  • Gemini (formerly Duet AI) comes to all Workspace customers
  • Google brings Gemini down to size with Gemma for free, local use
  • Adobe Acrobat is getting an AI assistant


  • Game streaming is (probably) coming to all the Xbox games you own
  • More (non-AB) games are coming to Game Pass in February
  • Microsoft goes after Apple’s non-compliance DMA compliance in the EU
  • Epic announces a game store for iOS in Europe, will launch this year
  • Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story will release on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch on March 13

Tips and Picks

  • Tip of the week: Androids by Chet Haase
  • App picks of the week: Dashlane, Firefox 123, Bonjourr
  • Cocktail of the week: Sumi - This is a “clasicos Baltra” from the most famous bar in Mexico City. Tanqueray Ten Gin, Violet liqueur, Jasmine syrup, Yuzu, Egg white. Serve in a coupe glass, and garnish with dried flowers.

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