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Jan 10th 2024

Windows Weekly 863

Full of Corn

CES 2024 announcements, Incase Designed by Microsoft, passkey support

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It’s CES, so let’s observe a moment of silence for all the stupid #*$% our colleagues are covering right now! But there is some wheat in the chaff, of course

  • Intel announces 14th Gen Core desktop and mobile chips. But wasn't Meteor Lake was mobile only?
  • PC makers announce a lot of Meteor Lake PCs: Acer, Acer again, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, more, plus the MSI Claw mobile gaming handheld and the first ASUS NUC!
  • Paul’s been using an HP Spectre x360 14 for the past month, what’s the AI stuff really like?
  • It’s not just Intel: NVIDIA goes nuts on AI and AMD has new AI-powered CPUs
  • Google announces improvements across the Android ecosystem - Quick Share
  • Amazon adopts Matter Casting - and now we have too many of these things - what about Microsoft?
  • Thread will finally fix networking and thus Matter

Windows 11

  • Microsoft announces a Copilot new key for Windows keyboards - settle down, everyone
  • Beta channel (last Thursday): Bug fixes - after the Dev/Canary updates of last Wednesday
  • Quick Windows 11 Field Guide update - 160 pages of new 23H2 content in two months, now 1058 pages long, so download the latest version 
  • Microsoft is reportedly looking to add AI writing assistance to Notepad. For some reason

Microsoft 365

  • Awesome! Microsoft PC hardware to be sold now by Incase
  • Almost four years later, it looks like Microsoft will finally make Teams (free) an actual Teams client
  • Apple tries to stamp down the CES hype, announces Apple Vision Pro launch date


  • OpenAI responds to the NYT and... yikes. Did AI write this? It admits that ChatGPT does what the NYT claimed
  • Has met with “dozens” of news orgs but can only cite four actual partnerships, and licensing costs are confidential
  • Emphatically cites the fair use argument, which is an open discussion and not clear-cut
  • Offers an opt-out for news publishers, but only since August, so after it used all the NYT content
  • Says the NYT is not telling the full story. Right, it’s telling its side of the story. Just like OpenAI
  • Interesting details about negotiations between the two
  • Seeks constructive partnership in a final olive leaf
  • EU is investigating the Microsoft/OpenAI partnership, following U.S. FTC and UK CMA
  • Pennsylvania adopts OpenAI’s ChatGPT Enterprise
  • OpenAI launches GPT Store for ChatGPT Plus, Team and Enterprise users
  • Now we know which Microsoft executive is sort of on the OpenAI board
  • Duolingo lays off staff because AI is so good


  • Microsoft could be bringing Xbox exclusives to PlayStation 
  • Microsoft is bringing back the Xbox Developer_Direct event on January 18 
  • Minecraft Legends, RIP
  • Big changes to GeForce Now: New Xbox titles, day passes, more
  • Layoffs at Twitch
  • After its failed coup of the userbase, Unity lays off 25 percent of its workforce

Tips and Picks

  • Tip of the week: We need to talk about password managers
  • App pick of the week: Alternative web browsers
  • RunAs Radio this week: Hardening Active Directory with Jerry Devore
  • Brown liquor pick of the week: Bearface Triple Oak

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