Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott, Richard Campbell, and Leo Laporte

Dec 13th 2023

Windows Weekly 859

Taste the Darkness!

2023's final Patch Tuesday, E3 officially dies, the future of NPUs

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Grab your favorite whisky and join Paul, Richard, and Leo as they meander through a delightfully geeky/tipsy conversation spanning Windows updates, AI advancements, Big Tech antitrust issues, and more!

Windows 11

  • The final Patch Tuesday of 2023 arrives 
  • Copilot now opens on the display where you click its Taskbar icon (or it will, thanks to CFR)
  • Copilot now appears in Alt + Tab (but not in Task view/WINKEY + Tab), oddly (Same deal)
  • Account notifications in Start and Settings (disable this nonsense in Settings > Privacy & security > General)
  • For Windows 10 users, Copilot is now available to everyone in preview with the Patch Tuesday update (CFR, need to manually download it). No Windows integration settings yet. A few other changes on Windows 10 too
  • Canary/Dev (Thursday): Copilot undocked mode, Widgets changes, Windows 365 Boot and Switch changes, Windows Share improvements (WhatsApp integration, curious), character count in Notepad (how cute)
  • Beta channel (Friday): Windows Share and Windows Store improvements
  • Dev channel (today): Transitioning Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) to voice access because WSR is being deprecated 
  • Also Canary: New Windows Protected Print Mode
  • Clipchamp quietly added four new features recently, and you’re never going to believe what happens next 
  • AMD unveils Ryzen 8040 series mobile CPUs with a new NPU on select models
  • Intel’s Meteor Lake is coming in hot


  • UK CMA and US FTC are both investigating Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI
  • After failing to reach a settlement, Google loses Epic antitrust trial
  • Why it has so far done much better against Google than it has against Apple?
  • Apple to be punished for App Store business practices in the EU 
  • Apple likely to open up NFC chipset in iPhone in response to EU concerns


  • Microsoft reaches agreement with AFL/CIO on AI
  • Google Releases Gemini Pro to enterprises and developers
  • Google releases Gemini-powered NotebookLM in the U.S. Keep on steroids, basically


  • An ad-supported Xbox Game Pass offering is likely on the way
  • Xbox Cloud Gaming is now on Meta Quest 2, Quest 3, and Quest Pro
  • Balder’s Gate 3 lands on Xbox Series X|S
  • Microsoft reveals two new games at The Game Awards
  • E3, which has been dead for years, is now officially dead
  • The next Digital Eclipse interactive documentary looks about as amazing as the first

Tips and Picks

  • Tip of the week: Get your Xbox Year in Review
  • App pick of the week: Fences 5
  • RunAs Radio this week: SysAdmin Gifts with Joey Snow & Rick Claus
  • Brown liquor pick of the week: Balvenie Double Wood 12

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