Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott, Richard Campbell, and Leo Laporte

Dec 6th 2023

Windows Weekly 858

Quaff and Nosh

Windows 10 Extended Security Updates, Richard's new PC, KB5032288

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In this week's Windows Weekly, Paul, Leo, and Richard discuss the extension of Windows 10 support for 3 more years after 2025 for consumers and enterprises, updates on the AI features of Copilot, Google's new AI model Gemini, potential features coming in a future Windows release next year, and the cleanliness of ImageGlass 9.

Windows 10

  • Yep! They're going to support Windows 10 for 3 more years with extended security update (ESU) program. But this time there’s a twist!
  • Consumers are going to have the chance to pay annually for the ESU as well. Let the complaints begin
  • Copilot expands to more Windows 10 users

Windows 11

  • Report sees a major Windows release in 2024
  • The November 2023 Preview Update for Windows 11 shipped on a Monday in December because Microsoft, adding new Copilot features, last preview CU for 2023
  • Dell earnings - revenues fall 10 percent YOY because the PC market is still horrible
  • Richard bought a computer. Can you guess which one?


  • Microsoft to get non-voting board representation at OpenAI
  • Copilot is now GA. Unless you’re using Windows 11, apparently. Everyone gets free commercial data protection
  • Copilot gets GPT-4 Turbo, new DALLE-3 model, and more 
  • Google goes live with Gemini, including a Nano version for Pixel 8 Pro

Microsoft 365/Cloud

  • Microsoft finally releases Seeing AI on Android
  • Evernote restricts free users to 1 notebook, 50 notes - time to switch!


  • Federal judge orders Google and Epic to try and settle the case before the jury renders its verdict
  • 30 more venture capital firms tell the FTC to stop harassing Microsoft for Activision Blizzard
  • Google and Amazon have both weighed in on Microsoft’s cloud licensing with the UK CMA


  • Microsoft is betting on the DMA, will create mobile video game store with unnamed partners
  • The first Game Pass titles for December
  • Microsoft explains licensing pop-ups on console
  • Rockstar issues first GTA VI trailer
  • PlayStation reminds the world that no one owns the digital content they purchased

Tips and Picks

  • Tip of the week: Stuck on 22H2? You can still upgrade to 23H2
  • App pick of the week: ImageGlass 9 (Microsoft Store)
  • RunAs Radio this week: Modernizing using M365 with Sharon Weaver
  • Brown liquor pick of the week: Glenfiddich 12

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