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Oct 4th 2023

Windows Weekly 849

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Bing's future, Windows Backup app, Chromebook Plus

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Leo, Paul, and Richard talk about the end of free Windows 7/8 to Windows 10/11 upgrades using retail product keys. They also examine Chromebook Plus, Google's new premium Chromebooks aimed at gaming via cloud streaming services. This highlights issues with Google's disjointed strategies after killing Stadia. Plus, insights from the Google antitrust lawsuit, including testimony from Microsoft and Apple executives on partnerships and search dominance. This sparks debate on whether a Bing improvement could ever rival Google. The episode explores concerns around growing subscription costs, ecosystem lock-in, and how technology often complicates rather than eases life today.

Windows 11

  • Microsoft is killing free upgrades from Windows 7 and 8.x
  • And yes, that means those product keys will stop working
  • Windows 11 Insider Preview: Copilot comes to Alt + Tab, more File Explorer fixes
  • Windows 11 Field Guide is getting free updates for 23H2, of course
  • Join the Release Preview channel, you’ll (probably) be upgraded to 23H2 and/or (most) new features 
  • Windows Backup is already here. But what is it? And what might it become?
  • OneDrive is among the things getting worse in this release. And it’s a problem
  • Google announces Chromebook Plus, New Material You design is available now to all

AI/Microsoft 365

  • Satya Nadella admits under oath that AI-powered Bing has not improved its usage share in the slightest
  • Also, Microsoft tried to sell Bing to Apple
  • Apple never seriously considered switching to, let alone buying, Bing
  • Microsoft announces the next generation OneDrive across businesses and consumers
  • Microsoft Lists for consumers comes to mobile, finally
  • Bing Image Creator gets a big DALL-E 3 update. And it is amazing


  • Surface Laptop Studio 2 and Laptop Go 3 are now available


  • Here are the first Xbox Game Pass titles for October
  • Sony PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan is retiring
  • Layoffs at Epic

Tips and Picks

  • Tip of the week: The great ensh*ttification reset
  • App pick of the week: ScanSpeeder
  • RunAs Radio this week: Episode 900!
  • Brown liquor pick of the week: Upshot

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