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Mar 15th 2023

Windows Weekly 820

Mustard Can Solve Any Problem

OpenAI's GPT-4 released, KB5023706 update, YouTube Music

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OpenAI's GPT-4 released, KB5023706 update, YouTube Music

Windows 11

  • Moment 2 is official; mostly a solid update
  • The ensh*ttification of Windows/Microsoft 365 continues: Microsoft Word, Paint, Teams, and Edge

AI all the things

  • One wonders, if everything is AI, is anything AI? 
  • OpenAI releases ChatGPT 4
  • Microsoft “reveals” it was using an early version all along, duh
  • Bing will move Chatbot responses to the top of search results
  • Microsoft's LinkedIn is adding GPT AI to improve the writing of profiles and job postings
  • Grammarly adds more AI
  • Google Workspace is getting generative AI features, obviously... and it’s raising prices (coincidentally!)
  • Duolingo adds two new AI features at great cost

Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft Word is getting two keyboard shortcuts it should have always had: "Paste as Text" & Zoom


  • Microsoft Build 2023 is May 23-25, live and remote
  • GitHub starts rolling out its 2FA requirement for contributors


  • Microsoft announces two 10-year cloud gaming deals with companies not named Sony: Boosteroid & Ubitus
  • Epic Games takes a page from the Microsoft Store and will allow self-publishing

Tips and Picks

  • Tip of the week: YouTube Premium member? Play some games
  • App pick of the week: YouTube Music
  • This week on RunAs: Incident Management with Hila Fish
  • Brown liquor pick of the week: Springbank 10

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