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Feb 15th 2023

Windows Weekly 816

I Have Been a Good Bing

Skype's annual revenue drop, Github layoffs, Viva Engage

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Category: News

The AI morning after

  •  A week after the irrational exuberance, reality sets in. It’s still Bing. And it’s still competing against Google
  •  Microsoft shares an update on Bing AI rollout
  •  Google employees were not amused at botched Bard announcement
  •  Microsoft to add AI to Office in March
  •  Everyone is doing AI now. Including Opera and Notion

Windows 11

  • New Windows 11 Dev build adds more live captions
  • IE was disabled in Windows 11 on Patch Tuesday. It’s dead, Jim
  • 2FA is coming to Windows 11. It’s all in the toast

Microsoft 365

  • Looks like Skype revenue has plummeted over the past decade
  • And full of “meet your new girlfriend” messages if you don’t lock down from defaults
  • Microsoft finally retired the Yammer brand. And you’re never going to believe what happened next


  • GitHub lays off 10 percent of staff, going fully remote
  • More jobs cuts announced in Surface, HoloLens, Xbox


  • Just kidding: Activision to release a major Call of Duty title this year
  • Xbox February update is now available with Google Home app integration

Tips & Picks

  • Tip of the week: Get started with the new Bing AI. Bing AI apparently has some “creator prompts” that will jumpstart certain types of tasks:

-Letter (Write a letter)
-Code (Write code)
-Movie (Write a script)
-Story (Write a story)
-Poem (Write a poem)
-Summary (Write a summary)
-Tweet (Write a tweet)
-Blog post (Write a blog post)
-Quiz (Write a quiz)
-Joke (Write a joke)

  • App pick of the week: DALL-E
  • This Week on RunAs: Strengthening Security with Jess Dodson
  • Brown liquor pick of the week: Kvint Divin

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