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Jan 25th 2023

Windows Weekly 813

Usage Intensity

F23Q2 analysis, the subscription future, Microsoft 365 Insider program

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F23Q2 analysis, the subscription future, Microsoft 365 Insider program

  • Microsoft announced a net income of $16.4 billion on revenues of $52.7 billion for the quarter ending December 31. Net income decreased by 12 percent year-over-year (YOY) in the time period while revenue was up just 2 percent. It was a mixed quarter, at best, and below expectations.
  •  Intelligent Cloud delivered $21.5 billion in revenues in the quarter, up 18 percent YOY.
  •  Productivity and Business Processes was Microsoft’s second-biggest business in the quarter, with $17 billion in revenues, up 7 percent.
  •  More Personal Computing was again the laggard with $14.2 billion in revenues, down an astonishing 19 percent YOY.
  •  The cloud saved the quarter
  •  Windows tanked
  •  Windows won’t get better any time soon
  •  Surface tanked even worse than Windows
  •  Surface also won’t get better any time soon thanks to “execution challenges”
  •  Xbox tanked, but was at least inline with expectations
  •  Teams has over 280 million users
  •  Microsoft 365 to evolve into an AI-first platform
  •  Office did OK overall, big shift away from one-off product sales to subscriptions


  • It’s time to suck it up: the future of Windows is all advertising and subscriptions
  • Microsoft is working on yet another File Explorer redesign
  • Microsoft also starts testing tabs in Notepad
  • Microsoft is also testing a side-by-side view for web pages in Edge
  • And now a new Insider build for the Dev channel with a new (Facebook) Messenger widget
  • Microsoft kills Altspace VR as part of an AR/MR house-cleaning move
  • Microsoft may be walking away from AR/MR, but Apple’s coming headset will allegedly switch between the two modes

Microsoft 365

  • Office Insider Program renamed to Microsoft 365 Insider Program
  • This rebranding crusade is a mistake and is reminiscent of the .NET branding mistake


  • EU to announce antitrust case against Microsoft Teams
  • DOJ announces antitrust case against Google for advertising and Google responds
  • Google lays off 12,000. Nothing from Apple?


  • Github now has over 100 million developers
  • Google announces what’s next for Flutter
  • An examination of .NET MAUI reveals what it’s good for on the Windows desktop


  • N64 classic GoldenEye is coming to Xbox, Game Pass January 27
  • Sony pushes forward with VR2 plans

Tips and Picks

  • Tip of the week: Paul is working on a new book and needs your help
  • Tip of the week #2: Microsoft will stop selling Windows 10 downloads
  • Brown alcohol pick of the week: Nomad Outland Whisky

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