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Aug 31st 2022

Windows Weekly 792

Arbiter of Lies

Windows 8 User Experience, Ryzen 7000 series, Arm sues Qualcomm

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Category: News

Windows 8 User Experience, Ryzen 7000 series, Arm sues Qualcomm 


  • Jensen Harris has come out against the Windows 11 Start menu. 
  • AMD launches Ryzen 7000 series desktop CPUs

Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft Outlook is picking up Microsoft To-Do integration. 
  • Microsoft to drop its Kaizala group-messaging service in 2023. 


  • Microsoft addresses its EU-based cloud licensing issues...No, it doesn’t.
  • Microsoft brings Arm-powered VMs to Azure - Ubuntu couldn’t be happier, but it’s not just Ubuntu
  • It’s been a tough couple of days for folks running Ubuntu VMs on Azure. (Blame DNS. Always)
  • Semi-related (thanks to AKS): Microsoft continues to plod along in trying to move M365 to Azure


  • Microsoft might consolidate Surface Pro/Pro X brands


  • No price hike for Xbox
  • September Games with Gold includes Portal 2!
  • Humble Games titles are coming to Xbox Game Pass
  • Microsoft tests a unified gaming library on Xbox
  • White Elite Controller rumors continue
  • First it was PCs, but now Sony is going after mobile gaming too

Tips and picks

  • App pick of the week: ImageGlass
  • App pick of the week #2: NextDNS
  • Tip of the week: First, do what you can to protect yourself from trackers
  • Enterprise pick of the week: SelfX
  • Codename pick of the week: CBL-Mariner
  • Beer pick of the week: Abomination Brewing Drippy Popsicle

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