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Aug 24th 2022

Windows Weekly 791

Thurrant of the Century

The Windows 11 2022 Update, Windows 95's 27th birthday, Edge Sidebar

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The Windows 11 2022 Update, Windows 95's 27th birthday, Edge Sidebar

Windows 11

  • It looks like Microsoft will call the 22H2 update the "Windows 11 2022 Update." 
  • Today is the 27th anniversary of the launch of Win 95.
  • New Win 11 test builds for Dev and Beta channels. Mostly fixes. 
  • New test build in the Release Preview channel for those on Win 11 22H2. Some minor feature updates.
  • Edge gets a sidebar. For some reason.

Microsoft 365

  • Outlook Mobile is now displaying even more ads. And (and other Outlooks) are making ads look like unread emails!
  • The pilot of ads in Search in the Microsoft Store begins!
  • The new unified Outlook app (Project Monarch) now supports personal accounts (for Office Insiders in the beta channel).
  • Microsoft is planning to add a boatload (official term) of features to Whiteboard.


  • Google is exiting the IoT market. But Microsoft isn’t. Why?


  • Microsoft brings more Wolfenstein and Quake titles to PC Game Pass.
  • GeForce NOW can stream 1440p/120 fps in Chrome and Edge.
  • Sony finally takes on the Xbox Elite controller.
  • Alexa Game Control is coming to Xbox, PC games soon. Why?

Tips and picks

  • Tip of the week: Catch the MAUI .NET Conf on replay
  • App pick of the week: Death Stranding for PC Game Pass
  • Enterprise pick of the week: ACS for Teams hits GA
  • Codename pick of the week: O’Hare
  • Beer pick of the week: Japas Cervejaria Kasato Maru

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