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Jul 20th 2022

Windows Weekly 786

Windows Ventura

New drop schedule, Cronos device, Netflix ads
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Category: News

Let’s talk Windows 12! Or Win 11 X?

  • Windows is moving to a new schedule, with major drops every three years and multiple smaller feature drops in between
  • The next “major” Windows client release is coming in 2024. 
  • What happens to the promised once-yearly feature releases like Win 11 22H2? And Windows 10?
  • Will Microsoft end up supporting each Windows release going forward for three years?

Let’s talk about the canceled Surface Duo.

  • A plastic Surface Duo 2 ‘lite’? Microsoft canceled it, but why (besides price) was this a thing at all?
  • Qualcomm Technology Summit coming November 15
  • What’s happening with the rumored MS-Qualcomm exclusive deal, and what this will mean

Microsoft and Netflix

  • Microsoft wants to get more money and market share from ads.
  • One analyst says this paves the way for Microsoft to buy Netflix.

Inspire Partner Conference

  • Excel Live: Viva Engage: Not a Facebook rip-off as some thought.
  • Viva Engage: Not a Facebook rip-off as some thought.
  • Microsoft’s unified digital contact center: Microsoft’s Nuance acquisition is already paying off

Tips & Picks

  • App pick 1: Unigram - Telegram for Windows
  • App pick 2: Forza Horizon 5 Hotwheels
  • Enterprise: Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty
  • Codename: Project AirSim

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