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Jul 13th 2022

Windows Weekly 785


Mid-Year Predictions, Dev Channel Build 25158, Search Highlights
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Mid-Year Predictions, Dev Channel Build 25158, Search Highlights

  • Microsoft layoffs. Ahead of Q4 earnings on July 26
  • What will happen with Windows 10 and 11 for the rest of this year?
  • EdgeOS vs. ChromeOS?
  • Where is Fluid?? Where is Teams 2.0?


  • New Dev Channel build 25158 out today that adds notification badging with widgets
  • A closer look at the new Rufus 3.19 Windows 11 ISO capabilities 
  • Patch Tuesday arrives. Gentlemen and ladies, start your updates
  • Windows Autopatch is now GA and (maybe) here to help
  • PC sales to fall in 2022 … and for a LOT of reasons

Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft plays rope-a-dope with Office VBA macro blocking


  • Microsoft announces EOL date for .NET Core 3.1


  • Surface Duo 2 gets camera improvements in the July update

Tips and picks

  • Tip of the week: Back-to-school sale
  • App pick of the week: PowerToys 0.60
  • Enterprise pick of the week: Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Wave 2 plans for 2022
  • Codename pick of the week: Salus
  • Beer pick of the week: A Deal With the Devil

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